Cake Smash Sessions


Piece Of Cake

5 Digital Images

Included: 30 min session, 1 basic backdrop, 1 outfit

Client must provide cake and helium balloons.



Cheeeeeese Cake

10 Digital Images

1 hour session, 1 elaborate backdrop with props, 1 outfit

Client must provide cake and helium balloons



Icing on the Cake

20 Digital Images

1 hour session, 1 basic backdrop, 1 elaborate backdrop, 2 outfits, props included.

Client must provide cake and helium balloons


Book Now

How it works

  • Once you decide on a date and time, fill out a contact form to confirm and reserve your date.

  • A $75 non-refundable retainer fee is required to book all sessions. We accept payments via PayPal, Cash App , and Zelle. Sessions must be paid in full at least 72 hours before your shoot.

  • All theme ideas are welcome. You may also choose a theme from our image gallery. Please mention desired details on your contact form.

  • Please be prompt. If your session is in studio, please arrive on time. No earlier and no later. Everything will already be set up and ready to shoot before you arrive. $10 late fee. Session will have to be rescheduled and re-booked after 30 min delay.

  • After your session, you will receive a link to view your proof shots. Pick the number of shots included in your package. The photographer will edit the chosen photos and send them back to you the same way. Download your images as soon as you get them. PRINT, SHARE, ENJOY! (allow 2-3 weeks turn around time)

Print Packages





3 8x10s

3 5x7s

12 wallets

4 8x10

5 5x7s

20 wallets

1 16x20

5 8x10

5 5x7s

20 wallets

1 20x30

2 16x20

5 8x10

5 5x7s

20 wallets

A La Carte



Photo Books

Wallets   4 for $5 5x7      $10 ea 8x10    $15 ea 11x14    $32 ea 12x16    $36 ea 16x20    $42 ea 20x30    $58 ea 24x36    $70 ea

8x10     $80| Framed $116 11x14     $100| Framed $120 12x12    $120| Framed $140 16x20    $150| Framed $190 20x24    $230| Framed $350 20x30    $290| Framed $410

8x8      $100 8.5x11  $140 12x12    $160 11x14    $200

(20 pages, custom full photo wrapped cover.) Each additional page is $5 

5x7 Gift/ Parent Album $50